Amathongo is a Cape Town based World Music project which mixes traditional African styles with jazz and a great variety of other music genres.

Pedro Espi-Sanchis

Pedro came to South Africa many years ago as a musician playing Mexican, French, Spanish and Latin American music. Not long after his arrival he was introduced to African music by the ethnomusicologist Dr Andrew Tracey and began what became his lifelong career, learning and teaching in this field.  Over many years Pedro specialized in instrumental African music and in bringing traditional African instruments such as the Lekgodilo flute and the Tshikona pipe ensemble into schools. 

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Madosini (Latozi Mpahleni)

Madosini was born in 1945 in Libode, a village in Mpondoland in the Eastern Cape.  She is a great musician, composer, poet, singer, story-teller, teacher and a South African cultural treasure. She was taught to play the Uhadi and Mhube musical bows from a very early age and is today without a doubt the best player in the world.

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Hilton Schilder

Hilton Schilder grew up in the Cape Town township of Lotus River. He is the son of well-known pianist and bandleader, Tony Schilder and music was always around him. At the age of 3 he was given his first drum. He was around when his dad’s jazz band rehearsed and secretly played drummer Monty Weber´s drum kit when rehearsals were over.
From an early age he began to play in many different kinds of groups. There were jazz bands, Carnival troupes, disco bands, hip-hop groups.

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