Amathongo is a Cape Town based World Music project which mixes traditional African styles with jazz and a great variety of other music genres.

Madosini (Latozi Mpahleni)

Madosini was born in 1945 in Libode, a village in Mpondoland in the Eastern Cape.  She is a great musician, composer, poet, singer, story-teller, teacher and a South African cultural treasure. She was taught to play the Uhadi and Mhube musical bows from a very early age and is today without a doubt the best player in the world.   

The music she produces from these instruments is unique in its variety and in the range of feelings it evokes. Her songs are poems which speak eloquently of a rich personal and cultural history and take the audience back to the music of the early inhabitants of Southern Africa. She has received several awards for her work in promoting traditional African music.

Madosini's music, using as it does the Lydian and Mixolydian scales as well as additive rhythms represents possibly the earliest roots of Jazz. This brings her to play with Jazz musicians Hilton Schilder, Jonny Blundell and Pedro Espi-Sanchis in Cape Town with whom she is recording a CD. 

Madosini and Pedro also tour festivals around the world and will be in Bogota next January playing with Colombian jazz musicians.

Madosini has collaborated with many musicians, British Rock Singer Patrick Duff, Thandiswa Maswai, Ringo, Gilberto Gil and many more. She has performed at many WOMAD festivals around the world (Reading, Las Palmas, Oakland, Womadelaide, Singapore, Seattle) and was the first person to be recorded and documented in the WOMAD festival's Musical Elders Archives project. Madosini is also a story teller of note and has performed as such at many overseas festivals. The last story telling project was “Cuentos de Cueva en Cueva” which took her to tell her ancient stories in the caves of the Cedarburg, some caves in Spain and France and in Milan.